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Events in Umbria

Umbria offers interesting events all year round:

Month of January:

  • Jazz Winter in Orvieto, a review of jazz music with international artists
  • Living cribs in Armenzano and Petrignano di Assisi, in Greccio, in the province of Rieti
  • Musical at the Teatro Metastasio on the Greccio crib by Carlo Tedeschi
  • La Gennaiola, foot race in Assisi on a 30km route
  • Campionati assoluti italiani di Danza sportiva,Umbriafiere in Bastia Umbra
  • Campionato italiano di Freccette, at Umbria Fiere in Bastia Umbra

Month of February:

  • Carnival parades in S. Eraclio, in Todi, in Guardea, allegorical floats and theatrical performances
  • Expo Tecnocom, exhibition of furniture and technological solutions, Umbriafiere
  • Cioccolentino, a confectionery kermesse dedicated to artisan chocolate and Umbrian pastry, with which the Patron Saint, S.Valentino, is celebrated in Terni
  • National market of the black truffle of Norcia, where stalls are set up for tasting this precious tuber and other local products.

Month of March:

  • Carnival parades in S. Eraclio, Todi, Guardea, allegorical floats and theatrical performances.
  • Expo Casa, home furnishings and solutions exhibition, Umbriafiere.
  • Expo Elettronica, exhibitions of technologies and electronic applications, Umbriafiere.
  • AgriUmbria, national review of materials and tools for agriculture, Umbriafiere of Bastia Umbra.

Month of April:

  • Celebrations for the Easter holiday: procession of the Via Crucis, evocative ones of Assisi and Gubbio, Lavanda dei Feet of Holy Thursday, Easter Mass.
  • Assisi Antiquariato, a major national exhibition at Umbriafiere of Bastia Umbra.
  • “Coloriamo i cieli”, an international festival of kites and hot-air balloons in Castiglion del Lago, to celebrate the theme of peace and solidarity.

Month of May:

  • Calendimaggio of Assisi, festival in honor of the Spring and medieval re-enactment of the challenge between the two parts of the city: songs, taverns, parades and flag-wavers cheer the tourist.
  • The Corsa di Ceri in Gubbio, a celebration in honor of the Patron Saint Ubaldo. The three candles, the symbol of the Umbria region, are carried on their shoulders to the Basilica of Monte Ingino, between the euphoria of all the participants.
  • Open cellars, an event in honor of wine where some wineries of Montefalco and Bevagna, open their cellars for visits and tastings of fine wines produced as “the Sagrantino”, combined with typical Umbrian dishes.

Month of June:

  • Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, historical re-enactment with parades, taverns, races between districts, with Renaissance costumes
  • Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto, an international cultural festival featuring ballets, concerts, theatrical performances, painting exhibitions along the city’s streets and much more.
  • The market of the Gaite in Bevagna, where the artisan shops that reconstruct the processing of ancient crafts are reconstructed: the violin maker, the painter, the ceraiolo, the cartaro, the weaver; in the corners of the village open taverns where you can taste ancient flavors.
  • Infiorata of Spello and Cannara, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini festivity. You can admire along the streets, carpets, which reproduce religious designs, mosaics of various colors made entirely of dried and chopped flowers; real tapestries.

Month of July:

  • Gubbio summer festival, summer festival of theatrical performances and open-air concerts, at the Roman Amphitheater; artists of international level.
  • Umbria jazz, a show of concerts and live shows on the squares, in Perugia, with internationally renowned artists.

Month of August:

  • Feast of St. Clare and St. Rufino, the latter Patron of the city of Assisi; different religious celebrations and on the evening of 12, an impressive fireworks display from the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi, which is also seen in the surrounding villages.
  • Feast of the Forgiveness of Assisi, where it is recalled the promise given by Jesus to St. Francis that whoever had come to the Porziuncola, confessing and communicating himself, would have obtained the plenary indulgence of his sins; solemn religious celebrations.
  • Feast of the Assumption, with the traditional evening show of the Focaraccio in S. Maria d. Angels, where thousands of cards are burned with the promises of pilgrims.

Month of September:

  • Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, historical re-enactment with parades, taverns, races between districts, with Renaissance costumes.
  • Feast of the Onion of Cannara, very heartfelt and visited to taste the typical Umbrian menus in which the onion product is widely used with skill.
  • Feast of Porchetta di Costano, which attracts many people passionate about this particular slice of local gastronomy.

Month of October:

  • Exhibition of the white truffle of Gubbio, where stalls are set up in the square for the tasting of the precious tuber and other artisan food products.
  • Feast of the Wood of Montone, which presents products such as asparagus, berries, chestnuts, and other products of local gastronomy.
  • Chestnut Festival of Preggio, where it is possible to rediscover the ancient flavors in the old shops rebuilt in the alleys of the town, above Castelrigone di Magione.
  • Eurochocolate, a confectionery event held in Perugia; the streets of the city are populated with stalls that display the most varied forms of chocolate. The concerts, shows and competitions on the theme of chocolate entertain the visitors.

Month of November:

  • Feast of Ognissanti, which gives lugo to the usual bridge of the dead, during which are set up of traditional fairs, including the main one is the city of Perugia, where many stalls of local products, but also antiques, fill the streets and alleys. A large Luna-Park is set up for about 15 days in the stadium area, both day and night destination for young and old visitors.
  • Frantoi Aperti, manifestazione in onore dell’olio extra vergine d’ oliva, prodotto umbro d’eccellenza; sarà possibile effettuare degustazioni gratuite in molte aziende agricole della zona.

Month of December:

  • Feast of the Immaculate, during which one can attend religious celebrations and concerts in Assisi
  • Christmas festivities, with solemn religious celebrations of the Holy Christmas and the end of the year, and the traditional early-year concert held at the Basilica Superiore of Assisi.

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