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The park

Our beautiful garden is enriched from green fields, wheat crops, olives and sunflowers, aromatic shrubs and fruits three, our farm is surrounded also by green hills and Assisan’s lowland on the other side, that makes wonder the city in the night with some special lights: it seems a little nativity scene.

Near the pool, in the garden a play area for children is equipped  with  tower complete with slide, multi-functional gym with climbing , rope and Swedish wall bar, double swing and pic-nic table for kids. You can relax yourself in the sun and in the same time have a look to your child.

You can also enjoy table tennis and free bicycles for those adults and children who wish to explore our surroundings.

The garden, equipped with tables and chairs for the comfort of guests, has large areas of lawn and flower beds scented with multiple varieties of roses and plants, whose botanical description is shown on special display.

In the area in front of the house there is a large green space to play soccer or enjoy the view of Assisi, at ‘shade of an old poplar three.

Outside the park you’ll see an olive grove owned by the family, about 300 plants, and to the hills, an area planted with different types of cereals; inside the other hand, there is a small piece of fruit trees (plums, apricots, figs, pomegranate ..) and aromatic plants (lavender, rosemary, santolina ..).