Fratta of the 800 – Umbertide

From August 31 to September 3, 2017 Umbertide, makes a jump in the past to return to the nineteenth century.
Uses, costumes, traditions, culinary art, politics and culture of the time, reside in the “September Fests of the late nineteenth century” (this year 9 to 12 of September). And, for the occasion, Umbertide looks back. And it also changes its name, returning to the old name of Fratta.
The “Fratta dell’Ottocento” wants to remember the way of life of the time, referring to precise historical documentation. While leaving room for the spectacular part, in fact, historic reconstructions are far more reliable, save perhaps some concessions to the world with the beautiful costumes of more than 200 figures.
For Umbertide the end of the eighteenth century meant a strong social, cultural and political shock. This is because, for years since the domination of the Pontifical Government and passed to the Kingdom of Italy, the inhabitants of Umbertide (who took this name from 1863) first took consciousness of the changes taking place all over the world. Umbertide therefore sought to keep up with the times: the Fratta dell’Ottocento proposes therefore a split of that territory when, while still being crossed by the troops of the Risorgimento formations, began to feel more vivacity especially in the forms of popular culture, free now from constraints and censures of the Pontifical Government.
And in fact, the program of the festival offers numerous appointments with works and operas, theatrical performances, poetry readings and prose pieces of the century’s authors, puppet shows, conferences and rebuilding of the Risorgimento battles.

the 2017 edition will be a sort of return to the past when the party was characterized by a large number of military and camps; so about 70 figures including soldiers of the Modena Battaglione, Bersaglieri in Turin, Austria with the cannon from Peschiera del Garda and ten Knights of Tolentino, will set up three battlefields in Piazza del Mercato, Piazza San Francesco and in the park of the Platform, where Saturday and Sunday will give life to exercises, military maneuvers, life camp exemplifies (some soldiers will eat and sleep in the tents) and fire conflicts until the battle of the Risorgimento during the Saturday evening.

Great space will then be given to children with shows of puppets and circus laboratories, while the whole old town will be animated by dances and popular songs, circular numbers, magic shows, ballets and theatrical improvisations. In addition, in collaboration with the Perugia Toys Museum, a museum of antique toys and magic lanterns will be set up at the Santa Croce Museum.
The culinary delicacies with taverns and taverns are also of primary importance. They will offer typical dishes of peasant cuisine, from mackerel to squirrels with chickpeas, from pasta to gricia to lamb chops, through sweets and home-made liquors. Always organized by taverns, popular games such as lice, rope launch and sailing, football matches – the first steps in the end of the nineteenth century – will be organized and a fun cooking contest for young people under 35 challenge yourself in making handmade noodles.
Among the music, flavors, dances, games, shops, garzoni, briganti and housewives, the great re-enactment of the Fratta will bring you back in time by reliving the Umberto XIX century atmosphere for a few moments.

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