Palio of the Boats – Passignano sul Lago


One of the most beautiful and fascinating summer shows of the umbria is the Palio delle Barche in Passignano sul Trasimeno.
The party, which began on 22 July, will end on Sunday, July 30th with the exciting race that will award the Palio 2017 winner.
The Palio dei Barche represents the last act of a bloody battle of 1495 among the noble families of Oddi and Baglioni.
A small army of the Oddi family was forced to flee from the castle with the boats on their shoulders, pursued by the militias of the Baglioni and Corgna militia.
During the event, the wineries are organized in taverns where you can enjoy typical dishes and entertainments with performances and historical costumes.
From Monday to Thursday, the trials of individual clubs are held while the general test is held on Friday to establish the starting order.
On Saturday evening, gentlemen of the districts meet in the square to launch the challenge. The winning winner the year before challenges others to a new race
On the last Sunday of July, the country’s ranks face the long-awaited race.
4 are the wars that contend the stake:
– Old Town: white and red colors,
Coat of arms Regina,
Extends from the Mass Bridge to the former Sai factories;
Palii Vinti: 2
President: Andrea Comodini
Captain: Marco Borrini
Remators: Lorenzo Vaiani – Andrea Biagini
Flag carrier: Sofia Ballerini
New Center or Center Two: white and blue colors,
Coat of arms Luccio,
It extends to the new part of the country;
Palii Vinti: 12
President: Franco Pedini
Captain: Alessio Pedini
Remators: Daniele Giappichelli – Alessandro Bigerna
Flag carrier: Elena Rossi
– Oliveto: white and green colors,
Coat of arms “Capitone”,
Extends more west of Passignano, from the industrial zone to via dei Mandorli;
Palii Vinti: 5,
President: Mario Coccolini
Captain: Alessio Tripod
Remators: Alessio Berta – Emanuele Fierloni
Flag carrier: Isabel Esposito
– San Donato: red and blue colors,
Coat of arms Persico Sun,
Rione more east of Passignano, stretches sda San Vito to the bridge of the masses, bordering
With the Old Town District.
Palii Vinti: 13
President: First Generous
Captain: Alessandro Castellani
Remators: Rodolfo Sessa – Roberto Baffetti
Flag carrier: Giulia Cozzari


The total number of racers is 262 (63 for each ward).
The races that the wards will face will be divided into three phases.
In the first, the boats with boats are challenging to reach the pier of the country.
From here with the boats on the shoulder and running fast. They have to make a tortuous and difficult journey through the historic center and then return to the pier and resume the way to the lake to finish the race.
Once on the ground, the first who can put the flag into the jug gains the Palio scope. Speed ​​is certainly one of the determining factors to win and that is why the tests are carried out during the week
In fact, the Boat Palio is very much followed every year, it registers from 20 to 30,000 seats in the 9th of feast.
Just wait on Sunday and enjoy the Palio … and win the Best !!!

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