Celebration of Barbarians

In 1984 a group of inhabitants of Castel Oregon organized for the first time a historical re-evocation of the origins of the country, which is still repeated every year, the first week of August (from Thursday to Sunday).
Among the various initiatives we have Banchetto Barbarico, I bought a dinner in the square with local delicacies.
The streets of the country are set up with a real barbarian landscape with arts and crafts, musicals and fascinating duels of swords and axes.
12 warriors will settle among the crowd in engaging everyday life scenes, and then turn into open open fighting where there will be no violent (full impact) shots and body-to-body duels, until the crowd decides to winner.
To warm up in the afternoon, the FOCOLIERI DEL SANTO, who with their fire games entertain the evenings, reaches the last one with the Infuocate Sword Dance.
One of the things that characterizes the barbarian feast is the way they offer wine to all visitors: that is, totally gratuitous offered by young barbarians.
The most important moment of the festival is the re-evocation of the arrival of the Goths led by Riggo who settled on the hill of Castel Rigone to carry out the hound
Historical costumes include more than 100 armed warriors and squires, wagons, orchards, knights and musicians marching along the village street
Upon their arrival, the Riggo barbarians, Lieutenant of Totila, the immortal, pulled off the paths and prepared the attack on the Roman camp.
But the Roman soldiers, far from being sorry, realized the arrival of the invaders and prepared their defense!
Come and see the first edition of BARBARICA, the historic reconstruction of the arrival of Barbarians in Castel Rigone’s territories. The barbarians will attack the Roman camp in a spectacular setting. But be careful … you could come back!



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