Palio of Valfabbrica – Giostra of Italia



The Palio of Valfabbrica-Giostra d’Italia comes to its 43th edition with many initiatives and challenges.
Born in 1975 thanks to the initiative of some villagers who, through studies, organized historical parades.
Over the years, the event has changed its appearance and organization to become a full party and a unique charm.
The wards are three and correspond to three precise areas of the country:

RIONE OSTERIA, with an eagle’s coat of arms, red and black colors, represents the rural area for the stopover of travelers

RION PEDICINO: with the coat of arms of a Tower, white and red, represents the area of ​​the castle;

RIONE BADIA: with the coat of arms a wolf, yellow and black, represents the area of ​​the abbey and the Benedictine monastery.

For the duration of the event, you can take advantage of the typical tavern with its genuine typical dishes.
The Cavalry’s Giant runs on the first Sunday of September and the party starts 10 days before with the delivery of the keys by the Mayor to the Prior of the City and the Holy Mass.
In the following three evenings, the historical recalls of each district along the main street of the country take place, which for the occasion will be closed to traffic to enable it to be realized.
These historical recollections relate to purely medieval themes, and inherent in our areas.
A great show made of set design, fireworks, horses, drummers, noblemen, armed and populous, and much more that brings us back in time.
Every year, each winery proposes a different theme, with different characters and different settings.
In the following evenings, the three rions challenge themselves in popular games and torchlighting, racing in the main streets of the country.
To cheer the evenings, demonstration of the drumming of the three wards and medieval performances, and on Saturday night there is the investiture of the knight and the oath of faithful in his ward.
Sunday is the culmination of the event with the convivial lunch of all the people and the parade of the Authorities: the crucifix accompanied by the priests and the brotherhood, the municipal council with the mayor, the chairman of the autumn party and the jury Of carousel.
Later, all the ranks of the country and all the other hosts from other festivals last year.
After that, the long-awaited stake began.
The three wars will compete for the stake after having passed some of the major challenges.
The first test, called TEST TEST, consists in taking 3 rings, one smaller than the other, in the shortest possible time.
The second test is IL SARACINO: the three riders must try to take the highest extreme of a circle placed on the left arm of a sarcino.
The first and the second test are then repeated and the two who get more points, challenge the final.
The final clash is to take, with the spear and the running horse out of cages, a disk placed on a pedestal.
Who gets first the two centers wins the apple scope that will be associated with the captor and the rioanli that will celebrate in the square until late at night.


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