Umbria Jazz 2017

Even this year, Perugia awaits one of the most anticipated events: Umbria Jazz.
Umbria Jazz (abbreviated UJ) is the most important Italian jazz music festival that takes place every year in Perugia, in July.
A real show for all Jazz lovers and not.

Born in 1973, the first concert was on August 23 and the program included Aktuala, a longtime band.
Alberto Alberti, then the leading Italian jazz musician manager, set up a massive artistic program and the proposal went along and was approved

The 1976 edition saw limescale scenes George Coleman, Art Blakey and Dizzy Gillespie.

At this time in Umbria there are many people, and a largely politicized part of the public tends to create problems of various kinds: in Italy are the so-called “years of lead”.
And unfortunately music was saved too: Great artists such as Chet Baker and Stan Getz were whispered, white and bourgeois.

It was also very much a confrontation between local political forces and cultural circles, especially as the organizers canceled the 1977 edition.

Next year, the festival reorganized, trying to limit in vain the influx of viewers: every night two concerts went to the same city.

The festival consequently became unmanageable and, inevitably, did not follow other editions until 1982, when the festival was reborn with many changes and the regional agencies and tourism promotion did not enter the management anymore. For the first time, he introduced the entrance ticket for the most important concerts.

In 1985, the umbrella Umbria jazz association was established, which has the management of the “Umbria Jazz” brand owned by the Region, which has been managing the festival in every aspect (formula, artistic choices, organization, logistics, sponsorships).

Some years later, under the will of the Region, the Umbria jazz Foundation was created, which has the task of securing public financial resources.

The current president of the Foundation is Renzo Arbore, while the artistic director is Carlo Pagnotta

The second feature of the “new” UJ is plainness: it is no longer an itinerant festival, but it is held only in Perugia.

The resumption of the festival was held in a circus tent in the Pian di Massiano area (near the stadium), away from the historic center because the problems of the seventies were not forgotten.

Since 2003, concerts have been held at the Santa Giuliana arena, with important names such as Ornette Coleman, Van Morrison, Bobby McFerrin, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown and Manhattan Transfer.

Other concerts are held at the Pavone Theater, the Morlacchi Municipal Theater, at the 13th century church of San Francesco al Prato, the Philippine oratory of Santa Cecilia, the Podiani room of the National Gallery of Umbria, the cathedral of Perugia, St. Peter and Renato Curi Stadium.

Free concerts are made in Piazza IV Novembre and the Carducci Gardens.

In the twelve years since the 1982 edition, he added a bit of excitement in the territories of rock and blues and the Brazilian song with greater attention to Italian jazz.

Artistic choices are divided into two lines: on the one hand orthodox jazz and on the other black music (blues, gospel, soul, zydeco, marching band, rhythm ‘n’ blues) with various pop-rock overlaps Generalist public. In this regard, performances of characters such as Elton John, Carlos Santana, James Brown, Donna Summer, Eric Clapton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Simply Red and B.B. King.

In the 10 days of the event, the city is crowded with so many people from all parts of Italy and the world to reach the Umbrian capital to attend various concerts and shows. And it’s a great way to get to know the various beauties of the region.

The festival combines different generations and ethnicities under one single passion: music.

Especially in free concerts, people are more than happy to play, especially with songs and dances – a real party.

Every year the festival is enriched with new initiatives and artists.

One of the features of Umbria Jazz is that every year a t-shirt is made, always different, which shows the year of the event and a characteristic image of jazz.

This year, the organizers wanted to dedicate the t-shirt to the people affected by the earthquake, and unfortunately they have had huge damages.
In fact, the T-shirt shows the logo of I LOVE NORCIA, as the picture below shows.



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